Monday, September 19, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Quick tricks for things you do often

Quick tricks for things you do often
I have posted instructions on all of these things before.  But I have found them so useful that I am bringing them together so I can point people to a single page with the whole lot.
These instructions and screen shots apply to Second Life standard Viewer 3.   The instructions  probably apply also to other viewers of level 2 or 3, but not necessarily the screen shots. 
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Teleport (favorites) Bar
Click Image to enlarge
One-click links on the teleport bar
The teleport bar works much like the favorites bar in your browser. You put landmarks in it. The landmarks are always there. No searching your inventory. One click does the trick.  Just as with a web link.
How do you put landmarks in the favorites bar?  Just drag the landmark from your inventory to the bar. To rearrange the items, click-hold on the item you want to move and drag it either way along the bar. Best if you drag it one step at a time.

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Choose your Login point
Those links on the teleport bar can also be available to you when you sign in.  Turn on this option this way: 
  • Me (top left)
  • Preferences
  • Advanced  
  • Show Grid selection at login
Grid selection turn-on
Pick destination on the login screen
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Autopilot and double-click move
Click on image to enlarge.
Preferences, Move & View Window
To open this window:
Me (top left)-- Preferences-- Move & View

Two options here:
  • Double-click Move: Moves you automatically to a place you can click on.
  • ClickNWalk:  Walk your avatar to a place by a single-click on the place.
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