Saturday, September 10, 2011

2013 1stHELP: What your friends don't know about Second Life

Did your friends notice these features?
You don't really need to know about these features, but they can come in handy sometimes.
Move, Travel
  • Double-click Move:  Optional feature to move you automatically to a place you can see.
  • Autopilot: Optional feature to move you to a place by a double-click on it.
  • Drag-a-slurl travel:  Drag a slurl from a web page onto your viewer to go there.
Preference settings for how to move
Double-click Move, Autopilot
If you have set your double-click option to teleport (see "Fast moves" in the  screenshot above), you can usually teleport by a double-click on a place you can see. Autopilot means that your avatar will automatically walk to the point you indicate.  
If you have a slurl on a webpage, you can go to that location by dragging the slurl to the viewer screen.   That will open a landmark page to the destination.  (Works with Viewer 3 and probably other level 2-3 viewers).-
Preferences: Move, Teleport, Travel, Fly. Sit
If you have not yet gone online, the landmark page will not open, but the will appear in the box marked "Start at."  When you log in, that is where you will start.
***** ***** *****  *****    
The Web connection
You don't have to open your viewer to do these things.  Your regular web browser will handle the job. You can use your favorite mobile device, so long as it will run your browser.  

***** ***** *****  *****    
Your world
Adjust the sunlight in your world to suit you
***** ***** *****  *****    
Pass through walls
If you have the double-click move (above) turned on, you can usually just double-click as soon as you see the the area on the other side of the wall.  This won't work in a place where the TP landing point is set.  In places like that, you will have to resort to the method described below
Pass through walls
See what the people near you are saying in MySL
Not local chat.  Everybody uses that.    
MySL =
It offers another kind of chat stream:
Use the social network system in SL
Click image to enlarge
When you have MySL open, you can see the posts by everybody on your friends list.  But now a new feature.  Inworld, especially at an event, you may be most interested in what the people around you are saying. You can see the local chat, of course.  But you can also see the MySL stream.  
  • Open your profile (right click on your avatar).   
  • Click on the house
  • Select the Nearby tab 
In the screenshot above, I was the only one using this (new) system.  I had just posted a notice about the event, so you see that on the local feed.  If other people in the meeting had posted on their home feeds, those posts would bee here.  Notice that this system would allow a response (Comment), so we could have a conversation among all  the local people using the MySL system.  
We could have a conversation in local chat, of course, but that chat stream mixes all the threads together.  This system will keep each thread as a separate string.  Much less confusing.  
Followers and Friends in MySL
Followers?    Yeah, like Twitter.  Everybody on your Second Life friends list will get your postings in their feed.  People who are not on your friends list, can also get your postings if they click the Follow button they will find on your profile. (Your friends should not see this button and probably won't.)    Followers differ from friends in that:
  • They don't ask your approval
  • You don't have to follow back
  • They have no inworld connection to you
Click graphic to enlarge
MySLPeople page. 
Friends and followers
These features work in Viewer 3 (the standard viewer) and probably in Firestorm
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