Monday, September 26, 2011

2013 2ndHELP: Second Life: Basic or Premium?

Second Life : Basic or Premium? 

Newcomers often ask me whether they should get a premium account.  Here is what I tell them:  You have a basic membership when you come in, so the choice is whether to upgrade or not.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.
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1. Do you expect that you can afford the payments now and in the future? 
  • Yes: go to question 2.
  • No: Not sure.  Wait.  
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2. Do you want to own land?
  • No:  Go to question 3.
  • Yes. Do you want land on the mainland?*
*You can't "own" land on the mainland unless you have a premium account.  You can "own" land on a private island or estate without having a premium account.
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3. Do you want to learn how to build things?*
  • Yes: You may want a premium account. 
  • No: You probably don't need a premium account
  • I don't know 
*A premium account gets you access to reserved sandboxes. 
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5. Do you really want a Linden home?
Here is the sales pitch for Linden Homes:
Here are some details:
Linden Home Overview
If you want a Linden Home, you can sign up here:
Second Life promotional page for premium membership
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6 Are any of these reasons attractive? 
  • Bonus of  1000 Lindens (abour $4.00 USD)  45 days after you sign in.
  • Weekly stipend of 300 lindens.  (About $5  per month, USD)
  • "Access to Second Life experts"
  • Access to premium sandboxes (fewer people, less lag, less griefing)
  • Gift packages and access to special Linden builds
The payments are partial rebates.  If you want Lindens, you will come out with more if you buy Lindens with the money you would spend on the premium account.
I have no direct experience with "Access to Second Life experts."  I have plenty of friends who are Second Life experts.  Experienced residents I have heard from on the matter do not consider the service valuable.  If you need help from second life experts, I  suggest you start in one of the following places:
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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  1. Actually, the weekly stipend adds up to...

    4 weeks a month * 300L = 1200L (A bit less than five bucks.)


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