Saturday, March 27, 2021

2021 The Tessin plan: Community regions in a big place (about 2 Km. on a side). That's 1.3 miles. It could provide a lot of rental space.

The Tessin plan: 
Community regions in a big place (about 2 Km. on a side).  
That's 1.3 miles.  It could provide a lot of rental space.
The key is community, not space.  What attracts people to virtual worlds is people. That takes a people-friendly place and good marketing.
The rental office on Tessin

Go there

  • In Kitely: Tessin/707/1061/43 (into the top address bar)
  • Kitely grid address:
  • Put the grid address in the Find bar of the World Map.  Click Find, TP
  • Website
  • Kitely web page

Kitely dedicated servers


Interesting locations
Click image to enlarge

Note the rental office.

More marketing

A balloon tour if you want

At the rental office

Free houses
  • The freemium model.
  • When you have a lot of space, you can do that.
Low cost rentals
  • 300 and 600 KCs a month
  • $1 and $2 dollars a month
Full sim (256 x  256)
  • Yeah, that's $5 a month
  • If all 64 sims were rented they would bring in $320 a month.
  • The cost of the place: about $150 a month
  • An 8x8 (always on) 



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