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2020 HG: People: Hypergridders: We may be able to use Discord for event notices much as we have been using inworld groups.

We may be able to use Discord for event notices 
much as we have been using inworld groups.

Communities on the Hypergrid need a grid-independent way to announce and promote events.  They especially need a way to send Just-In-Time(JIT) alerts near the start time of an event.  Discord has features that can support JIT notices.  Friendica may have such features in the future.
Event in a virtual world
  • Inworld groups can send notices to everyone in the group.
  • We use that feature to notify group members of an upcoming event.
  • Often all group members get the notice.
  • They don't mind the notices because that's why they are in the group.
  • But these notices at best only work for those who are inworld on the hypergrid.
  • Many of us also use a web-world or a closed grid.
  • And inworld notices reach no one not already in OpenSim.

Can we extend our reach to the outworld?

  • We  do use social media for announcements that travel the web/
  • But we would like to send notices shortly before the event.
  • Discord may be able to do that .


How to manage "group" notices in Discord

  • Discord servers are emerging as community hosts for the web.
  • So they are like virtual world groups.
  • Communities promotes events of interest to people in that community.
  • A community can create a channel for community event news.
  • That channel can carry posts of event announcements.
  • Those posts are persistent but could also appear on the community web site.
  • The community web site could also carry a community calendar.  
  • But that does not get us to Just-In-Time (JIT) notices.
  • But Discord can send alerts directly to computers.

How to get Discord to send you alerts

  • Discord can send alerts from any server (group) and from any channel.
  • You probably want to select a channel in a specific group for alerts.
  • Go to that channel and right-click on the name.
  • In the dropdown options, hover the cursor over notifications.
  • That gets you another level of dropdown options.
  • To get alerts, check all messages.
  • To avoid alerts, check only @mentions
  • You have to tell your computer how to handle alerts.

How to manage a Discord channel for events

  • This channel needs to be limited to posting event notices.
  • Users will not tolerate frequent false alerts.
  • I see that channels can be set so regular users cannot post on them.
  • The channel owner will have to make that setting.

What would make Discord more useful for event notices?

  • A way to access recent alerts.

Will Discord add these features?


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  1. I've been using opensim/lsl/php notifications for quite a while. Best I could say , if you want to use it for multiple grids is , Pick a server or create one, and have notification channels or have a channel per grid, and you can post notices there from in world , right after you send a group notice.