Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 #DTA: #VWEDU: Who is building a digital teaching assistant? Can just anybody make one?

Who is building a digital teaching assistant?  
Can just anybody make a DTA?

Many people are building DTA components.  Under the name Learning Management System (LMS) the technology is widespread.  In a virtual world, the DTA could be represented as an avatar or animated object, possibly fostering a more personal relationship with the students.  
DTA1 (left)

Who is building a DTA?


Who owns the terms?

  • DTA (Wikipedia)
  • With multiple existing uses, any claim of ownership is not likely to be accepted.
  • The term is best considered a generic designation of software able to do some things that might be done by a teacher or tutor.  

Computer supported anything has research advantages

  • The computer support is a repeatable and reproducible procedure.
  • And data collection is inherent in computer operation.
  • A DTA can aggregate data about its operations. 
  • FERPA restrictions would have to be considered
  • For research purposes only aggregated date may be needed.  


  • The computer repeats its procedure without biasboredom, or other variation.
  • Subsequent reuse of the procedure can be based on the same code.
  • Revisions of the procedure are done by changing the code, not by retraining a person.


  • If the procedure is deemed useful, it can be reproduced an unlimited number of times.
  • New people executing the procedure require training, but software does not. 

DTA in virtual worlds: parts



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