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2020 ART: #VWEDU: Nuna art gallery in OpenSim, 3rd rock grid. A great addition to art and education in virtual worlds (Part 1)

Nuna art gallery in OpenSim, 3rd rock grid.  
A great addition to art and education in virtual worlds
(Part 1)

An extensive and well-curated art museum in OpenSim, organized to fit art education and with informative content nearby.  This article introduces the gallery and tells about art reproductions and copyright.  Subsequent articles will deal with exhibits and themes.
The Nuna Gallery

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Entering Gallery 3
  • My first thought:  Are these reproductions properly honoring copyright?
A Picasso
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The answer: Artworks and Copyright

(From a notecard given near the entrance)
The bulk of artworks on display at Nuna have been sourced from the Public Domain/Creative Commons.  
The public domain comprises copyright-free works: anyone can use them in any way and for any purpose so long as proper attribution is given to the author or source of a work. It is accepted that any work published before January 1, 1924, anywhere in the world is in the public domain. The Berne Convention is the primary legislative document governing international copyright. Photographic reproductions, as a form of derivative work, inherit the copyright of the original work. If that artwork is in the public domain, then so is the photograph.
My favorite Mondrian
  • Note that each art piece has informative text beside it.
  • I would like to see web links to the galleries hosting the originals.
  • And perhaps web links to educational sources.
  • I am finding some of my favorite imaginators right at the front.
  • This could be a valuable resource for creative students.
An impossible dream

Artworks and Copyright (more)

Where modern artworks exhibited at Nuna have come from sources not specifically attributed to the Public Domain, every effort has been made to ensure that no copyright conditions preclude their use in this gallery. No artworks in this gallery are repurposed for any sort of commercial enterprise and there are no charges associated with the gallery. Nuna is an educational non-profit organisation. Artists exhibited in this gallery are actively promoted by Nuna as significant contributors to the arts, tagged for inclusion in our unfolding art history.
Hello, Dali

Artworks and Copyright (more)

While some sculptures are the original reproductions of Nuna curators, most have been sourced from the public domain. A particularly rich vein of classical sculpture comes from a Creative Commons ‘Scan the World’ project. A number of these highly detailed 3D files have been vertice-decimated (boolean) in Blender to make them readable in Opensim.
Art is in educationally relevant clusters

Artworks and Copyright (more)

All paintings have been optimised for virtual reality viewing conditions. Opensim places a limit on the maximum size of image uploads (1024 x 1024 px) so most artworks have been interpolated down to this or smaller sizes (we don’t interpolate up as this process creates obtrusive pixellation). Some compression artefacts will therefore appear in a detailed inspection of the works. Colours have been optimised to return paintings to a facsimile of the original works. For these reasons many images here are not identical to their Creative Commons source files. Nuna optimised works are free for anyone to copy.
What is this? 

Oh! That's what it is.
  • This art object invites humorous, but off-color remarks. 
  • But they are not appropriate for an art gallery.



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