Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 OSHG: PROMO: CybaLounge test. This is a test of embedding a webworld in a blog

This test may be taken down;postID=8933292519644268237;onPublishedMenu=publishedposts;onClosedMenu=publishedposts;postNum=167;src=link

  • We know that voice was off here. 
  • It may work now for people whose page loads in https.  
  • I have not tested it yet.
  • Go here for best demo of voice  Cybalounge updated: now with voice!

  • The music sound  volume controls are bottom right. Each click makes a change
  • If you are on Chrome, you can enlarge the picture.  
  • Click the vertical row of buttons at upper right.
  • Try the zoom options.
  • To move fast and not scroll, hold down the shift key and press the up arrow.


  1. Very cool, that we can test from a website. I'm having some problems navigating - when I press the arrow keys, it does move my avatar, but also scrolls the website past the video window so I can't see it. Then when I was trying to relog into this website, to post, Cyberlounge forgot all my data and started over.

  2. And now there are two of me there, lol. Like early SL days. I'm sure it'll get better.


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