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2014 ART: WRITE: VIDEO: Cookie II (Kitely) is an Arcadia Asylum Site

Cookie II is an Arcadia Asylum Site-
A familiar sign

Cookie II -- A project of New Media Arts, Inc--Presents

  • Arcadia Asylum Art  
  • Arcadia's product guarantee: It is free or you don't pay 
  • Objects should be free to copy.  If not, tell Selby Evans or Ada Radius. 
  • Displays of video projects (in progress
  • Travel info: posters, landmarks, travel gates.  (in progress) 
  • Events, Kitely and Opensim, calendar posts and posters about events.
  • Twitter streams (related to virtual worlds)

Cookie II is

  • Free to everyone.
  • Hypergrid II:/128/128/25
  • On Firestorm Paste the hypergrid address into the address bar or
  • Paste the hypergrid address into your world map, searchteleport
  • The size of four traditional sims in a square (512 m. X 512 m.).
  • A living production.  Like you and me, it is never finished while it still lives.
  • Named after a long-running sim in Second Life with similar objectives.
  • Cookie II web page

  • On Kitely, use: hop:// II/233/276/26
  • To use a hop in Firestorm, paste it into the address bar, press enter.
  • To get a hop in Firestorm, click in the address bar.  
  • Hops may work in other viewers; in any case, use the name and coordinates.

Google+ communities 


Welcome to Hobo Outpost on Cookie II@ Kitely grid. 

-- Ada Radius, curator

Slum City, Hobos and Urchins FREEBIES are on the docks over the sewers:

  • Paste into the address bar on Firestorm, press return.
  • hop:// II/241/435/27
It's not stealing, it's a handout.  
If you try to sell anything to anyone so new that they don't know they can can get it for free - THAT IS STEALING.  
These are the rules, in the words of the artist.  Arcadia Asylum's Freebies 
All objects created by me (Arcadia Asylum Aley Aria, Aley .resident) are FREE and opensource. you can copy and modify and pass around to anyone anywhere, the ONLY stipulation is:  *YOU CAN NOT RESELL ANYTHING WITH MY NAME ON IT FOR EVEN ONE LINDEN DOLLAR* That said, you may distribute in any way you like, you may use the things anywhere and even blow them to bits if thats your thing. I only don't want the stuff sold.
As FREEBIES there's no warentees or product support.  Thats it, KIS (Keep It Simple) 
end of Aley message
FREEBIES AND HANDOUTS! I put signs out for Hobo and Slum City stuff with the Hobo X. Almost everything was made on the Second Life grid by Arcadia Asylum, AKA Aley and her alts and brought here and adapted to OS if it was broke, by a bunch of hard-working people who like Aley's stuff. So some of the scripts, animations, and sounds are different. Best we could. There might be more than one version of something because it was imported by different people who fixed it different ways.

I did not include anything that is not full perm and free to copy. If I could fix it (a bad script, sound or animation), I did. I also deleted anything that might violate another grid's copyright or trademark.

Clothes and small stuff are in the little warehouse. Cars and trucks are in the used car lot across the street, or working at the dock or in the water or something. Buildings and industrial and city stuff is in crates on the cargo ship.  You might want to check back from time to time - if a better version comes in or I have time to fix something I swap stuff out. And add things if we find more pieces.  Everything is free to copy, or click on a box to get a folder of stuff.

There is a big box of things on the cargo ship with Creator: Arcadia.Asylum Some people say it's hers and some say it's not. Some of it looks like it was made from Arcadia components from SL, some I recognize as made by other SL artists. Some is very cool.  

Aley Space and Pirate and Nautical stuff I'll get to later, and will be on the Creativity quadrant of Cookie II when it gets here.  Fun stuff!

Many thanks to Virtual Christine,, Han Held, canjellne.lilone,  Dolma.Dollinger, fred.huffhines, Unknown UserUMMAU4,  and Selby Evans for their work and resources.

 Ada Radius @ Kitely 

In Kitely, with Firestorm, paste this hop into the address bar
hop:// II/228/326/27
On the hypergrid, with Firestorm, paste this address into the address bar II:/228/326/27

About Arcadia Asylum (Aley)

I am in costume as Junior, one of the characters in our video series, Flying Saucers Return.  Junior's outfit  seemed just right for an article about the Hobo outpost on Kitely.
Signs of wry humor
  • hop:// II/181/372/27
Always read Arcadia's signs
Click image to enlarge
Hobo Sandbox
  • Free to build here.
  • Contact Selby Evans or Ada Radius for invitation to access group.
  • The access group is used only to keep out griefers.
Cookie II is a project of New Media Arts, Inc.a nonprofit organization tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).  You may be able to deduct contributions on your tax return, depending on your tax  circumstances.

News and Notes

  • OSgrid down 
  • More news in my blog roll (column on the right)
Scroll down for News and Notes 

Events in the virtual worlds  

How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the address bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again later.


      Contests and dated calls/invitations

      National Agenda 2014 focuses on the battle for control of congress midway through the Obama second term, with some of the biggest and most experienced names in American politics
      Midtown Arts Museum is launching its first participation storybuild on Monday, 9.1.2014, Wear Your Goggles to the Goldrush. All elements are ready for visitors, explorers and amateur sleuths to plunder. A storybuild mystery is not an event that is attended. Rather clues and story are collected, assembled and written by the participants who journey through it. It is writing via pictures and conversation - - the natural, entertaining and effortless way. Oakes Valley blog
      Hypergrid address: Valley  
      The theme is 'TRANSCENDING BORDERS.' Artists & filmmakers can interpret the theme as they see fit. Whether transcending borders between time and space, past and present, one nation and another, one language and another, a culture or civilization or any other of the innumerable borders that present themselves as we navigate our lives. You the artist... You the machinimatographer...You decide.
      Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. Winners will be announced in December 2014.   
      UWA Art & Film Challenges 2014 with L$1.03 Mil in Prizes, early entries 
      And don't forget the many imagined borders, walls, that we make for ourselves.   Those are the worst kind.--TKR

      Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 



      Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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