Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 IPRIGHTS: TOS: UCCSL: Where do we stand? Summary for January.

TOS.  UCCSL. Where do we stand?  
Summary for January
Summary of events and positions on the current LL terms of service.

Strong interest shown by 62 pages of forum posts 
UCCSL redirection
  • UCCSL.  New Year, New Vision by Kylie Sabra
  • UCCSL seeks conversation with LL on IP rights.
  • Some think conversation has been and will be ineffective.
  • Action item: Organize a new group to represent your position.
  • My view:  Conversation has been ineffective since October.
  • I doubt that conversation will be more effective in the future
  • Effort more intense than conversation would express principles.
  • But has little chance of being more effective than conversations.
  • If you want a remedy, look to what you can do.  
  • Test intent: Ask LL for a document waiving its claim to a license to sell your products.
  • Or look for alternatives that do not depend on the kindness of LL.
Give SL more time
  • They are not exploiting your content now.
  • Maybe they won't.  Don't worry till they do.
  • Action item: No action required.
  • My view: Reasonable for people comfortable with that.
Keep selling.  Stop uploading new content
  • Some creators have done that with little loss in sales.
  • Action item:   Look for elsewhere to offer new content
  • My Take: If most creators do this, old content may keep selling well.
  • You can look elsewhere (below) to sell new content. 
Expand to Opensim and Opensim markets
Moving to Opensim and Opensim markets
  • Similar to expanding but adds stop uploading new stuff or cut selling.
  • Action item:  Put all efforts into selling in these markets.
  • Action item:  Close art galleries and stores, cut listing in SL Marketplace.
  • My View:  Similar to expanding (above).  Loses some sales.
Special case: writers 
Special case: video producers   
  • Video producers may want to sell exclusive rights to their products.
  • They may have abandoned exclusive rights in accepting the TOS.
  • Action ItemHire a lawyer, get legal opinion.  Or:
  • Action Item: Ask LL for a document waiving or disavowing its claim. Or:
  • Action Item: Move to another grid to make marketable videos.
  • My view:  I have moved my affected video projects to Kitely
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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