Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 EDU: VIRTUAL: Education communities in virtual worlds expand into social media

Education communities in Virtual Worlds 
expand into social media
Some selected immersive education groups in Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  These are the ones I found that seemed to have visibility, membership (with people I knew), and focus on virtual worlds.   
In the past, Second Life was the only virtual world with widespread interest.  The educational community could live entirely within Second Life.   Not any more.   Opensim has grown to host many education communities in many grids.  What these communities have in common is not location in a particular grid, but an interest in immersive education.  These communities are now growing expanded contacts through social media.  

These social media connections are serving the same functions as educational groups used to serve in Second Life.   But they support multi-grid communities that connect people who share interests, without regard to the grid they are using.  That arrangement works especially well with Hypergrid, which supports travel from grid to grid. 
Here are some of the immersive education communities I found in social media.   Feel free to mention others in the comments section; I expect update the main post later to add suggested groups to this list.
Counts are as of about Jan 1, 2014 or later
Virtual PioneersISTE Virtual Environments Network (formerly SIGVE)VSTE VE PLN

Facebook groups (selected)

LinkedIn Groups


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