Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 EDU: Rockcliffe Research: Environmental Sustainability. Invited Post by Kevin Feenan

Rockcliffe Research: Environmental Sustainability
Invited Post by Kevin Feenan
Wind Turbines
 Rockcilffe Campus
By Kevin Feenan

Humans have become one of the largest polluters of our atmosphere as a result of more than 150 years of industrial activity. In 1997 an attempt was made to curb dangerous levels of greenhouse atmospheric gases, such as carbon dioxide, to continue to accumulate. The plan, commonly referred to as the Koyoto Protocol, was an international treaty that set binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions.
To help countries meet their targets a carbon trading system was set-up that allows less developed countries to sell their unused carbon quotas to industrialized countries that used more than their quota. Approximately the same time a Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) market was set-up so that individuals and organizations could voluntarily contribute funds to projects that meet a verifiable standard in reducing greenhouse emissions.
New programs coming to Rockcliffe University Consortium in 2014 include research based content which will focus on environmental research and development for economic, social, and technological sustainability. As part of these programs Rockcliffe will be bringing together people from both academic and business backgrounds to discuss and prototype solutions. Areas of interest will include

  • advanced materials, 
  • aquaculture, 
  • power generation, 
  • reforestation, 
  • sustainable agriculture, 
  • waste management among others. 
Some of these programs will provide CEUs (Continuing Education Units) as Rockcliffe rolls out our formal Research-based courses in 2015. To help fund some of the accreditation and information system requirements Rockcliffe has partnered with the Carbon Trading Exchange to be able to offer Voluntary Emission Reduction credits to individuals and organizations with part of the funds going to verified carbon reduction projects and part of the funds helping Rockcliffe to build up our infrastructure.
To see more about Rockcliffe’s research programs and greenhouse reduction products, please visit our R&D website.
by Kevin Feenan
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