Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 STAGE: Moliere, The Learned Ladies, third installment, Friday, Jan. 31

Moliere, Learned Ladies, third installment, 
Friday, Jan. 31
Learned Ladies, Part 3--Moliere.  
Presented by Avatar Repertory Theater 
at Art Plays Around
Friday January 31 - Free Admission… Cookie SIM -- 5PM SLT
Hapless husband, Chrysale; over-bearing wife, Philaminte; dotty Aunt Belise; self-aggrandizing pendant, Trissotin; haughty Armande & sweet Henriette and more wacky characters from Moliere will romp across the stage in the Avatar Repertory Theater's final installment of "The Learned Ladies."
 MadameThespian Underhill directs and acts with Breyda Adored, Corwyn Allen, Em Jannings, Kayden Oconnell, Rowan Shamroy, Caledonia Skytower, Sodovan Torok and AvaJean Westland. 

Come and see the final outcome to this hilarious farce on Friday, Jan. 31 at 5 pm.
Art Plays Around is a project of New Media ARTS, Inc.

Previous video: 
Learned Ladies, Act 1--Moliere. Presented by Avatar Repertory Theater at Art 

The entire play has been presented by ART in several segments, all at ART Plays Around.  

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