Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 STAGE: VIDEO: The Nut, excerpts. The Nut of the Nutcracker by Ballet PIXELLE®

The Nut, excerpts.  
The Nut of the Nutcracker by Ballet PIXELLE®
Performances are Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT though Jan. 12, 2014.  

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The Nut  A version of The Nutcracker by Inarra Saarinen
Presented December 2013
Music source: Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Music - Tik Merlin
Artistic Director - Inarra Saarinen
Choreography & Animations - Inarra Saarinen
Set Design - Leko Littlebird
Stage Manager - Vivienne Darcy
MC -Alexa Sideways
Usher - VeryVicki
Ballet Mistresses - Amelie Dibou, Vivienne Darcy 
Rehearsal Assistants -   Aiyana Tripsa, Patros Zifer, Tik Merlin
Costume Mistress - Blanche duBois
Costume Assistant - Tinka Bondar
Scripting - Tik Merlin
Theatre Build - Espresso Saarinen
Ballet Manager - Vivienne Darcy
  • Aiyana Tripsa
  • Amelie Dibou
  • Angelina Kitaj
  • Deyna Broek
  • Luci Yokosuka
  • Nark Chaffe
  • Patros Zifer
  • Skip Flossberg
  • Tik Merlin
  • Tinka Bondar
  • Vivienne Darcy
Video capture, editing and production
Selby Evans, AKA Thinkerer Melville
The Nutcracker  (Wikipedia)
Previous productions of the BALLET PIXELLE®
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