Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 EDU: OPENSIM: Undersea observatory. Pre-fab sim. Free. Displayed on Kitely.

Undersea observatory.  Pre-fab sim.  Free.  
Displayed on Kitely. 
Exterior of the undersea classroom
Click image to enlarge
This sim is designed to be a discovery-based, constructionist learning experience, as students participate in scavenger hunts to document the aquatic wildlife, and contribute their own creations back into the sim for the benefit of future learners.
Inside the classroom
How did I get in?  
  • Firestorm setting:  
  • Avatar (top menu)--Move and View--
  • Movement tab-Double click on land--Teleport to clicked point
  • -
  • To get camera into the room:
  • Point camera to look along an exterior side of the room
  • Move camera sideways into the room (sideways arrow)
  • When you see the room clearly, double-click on the floor
Personal sub
I could have used the sub.   You are supposed to wear it.  But it did not attach correctly.  And my avatar has no problem under water.  So I did not need it. 
Sub entrance, closed
Click to open.
Sub entrance, open
Avatars can enter this way, too
Observation deck
Should all these fish be seen together?
Exterior of observation deck
Human in its natural habitat.
Should I get this close?
If you fail this item, you might be in big trouble.
Exploration vehicle
But I don't need it.
Up close and personal
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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