Thursday, August 11, 2011

2013 HELP: LSL scripts and scripting. Beginner's Summary

 LSL scripts and scripting.  Beginner's Summary
This is a general overview of the concepts in LSL that are important to the casual scripter. Note that word casual. From the standpoint of the professional scripter, I will oversimplify and ignore professionally important matters.
Do not study these concepts.
Extreme boredom risk!
Extreme boredom may be mistaken as a symptom of ADD, ADHD, or other letter combinations.

Unless you have a high tolerance for boredom, the only safe way to deal with these concepts is to glance over them every once in a while, looking for something you might want to know. You will occasionally find yourself wondering about something that may relate to these concepts. You may safely examine these concepts if you know what you are looking for and really want to find it.
You are protected from boredom if you know what you are looking for. 
"I deleted the script but the prim thinks it is still there."
Some scripts set a property of the object, which outlives the script.  You turn off the property by running a script that set the property to nothing.  For example, to turn off floating text, you run the same script that sets floating text, but set the text to "".  That is two quotes with nothing between them.

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