Sunday, August 28, 2011

2013 1stHELP: Login to an active place

Login to an active place
Where is everybody?  Find out before you log in.
Login screen for viewers 3.x
Click image to enlarge.
The login screen for Viewer 3.x  makes it easy to login to active places. Check the strip labelled 
What's Hot Now  
If the number of people is near 40, you know the place is popular.  The number of people will probably not go over 40, because that would mean the place is getting over-crowded.  The system that picks places to show is supposed to drop a place from the list if it has more than 40 people.  
If you see a place that interests you, hover your cursor over the picture to get a pop-up with more details.  If you want to go to the place, click the picture and then click login.
If you don't see a crowd where you land, open the map.  (Map button should be on the bottom bar.  If you don't see it, right click and check map in the option list.)  Greet dots are people.  
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