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2013 HELP: Use the social network system in SL

Use the social network system in SL 
You may have heard of the social network system in Second Life, perhaps as the new profile system.  The new profiles are standard on viewer 2.8. But the network system is about a lot more than profiles.
You can reach the web-base Second Life social network system with your browser, without running your viewer.  Go to   
If your browser is signed in to Second Life, you will probably go directly to your page.  Otherwise, you will probably have to sign in to see much of anything.  
But you will notice quickly that people are using their Second Life names.  On the web.  And nobody is threatening to throw them off.  You can communicate with people you have known for years under the names that you have known for years.  You don't have to find out and remember a new, Facebook name.  I am liking this already.
I began describing what you will find in the system here:
Stech: The social network from Second Life goes to the web
Now that I have been finding some ways to use the system, I want to pass them on to you.
Some ways people can use SL web-based connections
Your home page: the stream
Click image to enlarge
Home page, SL web connections
-What's on your Home page stream?
Posts from people on your friends list.  Some of your friends will post:
  • Places of interest, with slurl or location (pushpin graphic)
  • Current and upcoming events with time and slurl or location.
  • Web links of interest, with url
Slurls, urls, and pushpin locations are live links, click to go.
Search your home page stream
You will get notices in your stream and want to go back to them later.  Probably all browsers let you search the current page for a word or string of words.  I use Chrome, so I will describe how to do it in that browser:
  • Click the wrench (top right).
  • Type in the little drop-down bar that appears (upper right)
  • Search is instant.  Watch for matches as you type
Promote your favorite projects
If you see a post about something you like, add a comment and/or click the Love button.  That spreads the word to your friends.
Post about your favorite projects. Note that you can include a landmark (inworld) or a slurl.  You may need to press enter before you click share.  For a landmark:
  • Be in the place you want to mark.  
  • Click on the entry window.
  • Click on the pushpin graphic that appears 
Your profile page
  • Feed:  The stream of posts you made or Loved
  • About:  Your bio and interests
  • Picks, Groups, Notes: What you expect.
Learn more about people who want to be your friends
When you check the profile, look at the feed.  That will tell you about their serious interests.  And maybe a little about the person.
Tell friends about technical issues
Thinkerer Quests (one of my sims) went inaccessible  the other day.  I filed a ticket, of course.  But if someone were to try to go there and found that they could not, they would probably notify me.  I want them to tell me about something like that if I don't know.  But if I already have a fix in progress, I want people to know about that, so they don't tell me again.  So I posted on my profile:
Thinkerer Quests cannot be reached at this time. I have submitted a ticket reporting the condition.
A few minutes after I filed the ticket, it was restarted.  So I could post an update:
Thinkerer Quests is now fixed, Took only a few minutes after I reported it. Very good service.
You may want to tell your friends about any technical problem (things not rezzing, Linden balance zero, etc.)  You may alert your friends to a system problem that calls for safe mode action.  Or they may recognize the problem and give you a simple solution.
Send messages to specific people
You can post on the profile of a specific person.  Just open the profile and type in the Share something box.  Don't expect this to be private, as IMs are.  But it is not capped either.  No reason to cap it.  No  load on the SL network.
Post your short writings
Crap Mariner is posting his 100 word stories.
Maybe Sunnie Beaumont will start posting poems fro m the Short Poetry Workshop,
Remember, you can do all this in your browser.  No viewer needed.  Use your smart phone or tablet.

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  1. You may have heard of the social network system in Second Life, perhaps as the new profile network