Sunday, April 17, 2022

2022 The early metaverse: Second Life? WSJ says it is now a player in the new metaverse movement. Perhaps its time has come.

The early metaverse: Second Life?  
WSJ says it is now a player in the new metaverse movement. 
Perhaps its time has come.  
Second Life has been operating since 2003.  It seems to have many of the features predicted for the metaverse.  Except maybe the hype.

"Buying" land in Second Life.

  • You "buy" a full region (256m x 256m) for $349
  • That is really a setup charge.  
  • You pay a monthly maintenance fee of  $229
  • But nobody is rushing in to buy up land.
  • No rush, because SL can make all the land people want.  
  • More details.
  • More about Second Life after the break.

Some peeks at Second Life

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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