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2022 Metaverse: the many worlds model. How can the metaverse be decentralized and interconnected? Metaverse hub

Metaverse:  the many worlds model.  
How can the metaverse be decentralized and interconnected?    
Metaverse hub
The many virtual worlds that could assemble into the metaverse are presently disconnected. A hub could start to bring them together.
MyMetaverse hub: automatic entry
  • The web page starts you in a virtual world--a 3D web page.
  • But not the kind of 3D world that requires a thing over your eyes.
  • This 3D world just displays on your screen.  
  • Yeah--the beginner's trial model.  No investment beyond your computer.
  • It will probably even work on a tablet.  
  • This collection takes you into a web-world as a guest.
  • You can't make any permanent changes, but you can click on things,
  • ,
  • More after the break.
MyMetaverse hub: Browser-based


  • There are two main world collections: one for web-worlds, the other for AP-driven.
  • Web-worlds are browser-based and have nothing to install--click the link and go there.
  • Any web-world may work on a low cost computer or tablet.
  • Web-worlds may allow guest entry without registration.
  • So they may be the place to start your exploration
MyMetaverse hub: App-based


  • For these you have to download and install something.

Do they want to come together? 

  • Maybe not.  They have a diversity of interests.
  • Game players may want a metaverse designed for game players.
  • Educators may want a metaverse designed for educators.
  • Gaming technology is expensive.  
  • Educators will want inexpensive technology so all students can have it. 
  • Porno places will become popular, but educators will not want to connect.
  • K-12 schools will want to limit and control their connections.  
  • A metaverse hub can offer access without connections.  

Metaverse hub

  • A metaverse hub can offer any categories the users want.
  • And can offer any access options acceptable to the destination.
  • For some destinations, that would be a link to the landing page.
  • For destinations that allow guest entry, it could offer that.  
  • For security reasons, direct entry as a registered user is unlikely.

Your favorite metaverse 

  • Not on the list?  Put it there. 
  • There are buttons where you can put the link.



Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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