Sunday, January 30, 2022

2022 VW: Metaverse music. Video accompaniment! Teflon Sega - Paralyzed. Opportunity for independent music.

Metaverse music. 
Video accompaniment!   
Teflon Sega - Paralyzed
Opportunity for independent music.  
Play your music from home in the metaverse.  In a virtual nightclub or any other scene you want. Your friends can come from wherever they are.
  • Film scoring by JordanXL 
  • Music Produced by JordanXL 
  • Video Directed by Teflon and Rami Afuni Assistant on set ANDGAMES 
  • Ballet choreography by Shira Shvadron 

Paralyzed lyrics 

  • I see shapes 
  • Moving with the shadows on the wall 
  • In places only creatures like to crawl 
  • I lay awake I’m sleepless 
  • And they say my name 
  • They’re playing games
  • Other music in the metaverse after the break.

Other music in the metaverse

**** **********************************

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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