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2022 WW To have a connected metaverse, we need to plan on connections. Web-worlds are a connection candidate. A goal for connecting web-worlds

To have a connected metaverse, we need to plan on connections.  
Web-worlds are a connection candidate.   
A goal for connecting web-worlds
Some people think the metaverse will consist of interconnected virtual worlds.  Here we start to think about how to get there.
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  • Hypergrid already provides a working plan for connecting Open Simulator grids. 
  • http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Hypergrid
  • Web-worlds run in a browser using webGL and Javascript.
  • Since they are running similar code, they might connect more easily than the installed worlds.
  • And they might see the connection as possibly getting them more traffic.
  • Some allow guest entry and thus can handle unregistered users.

A plan for connecting web-worlds

  • Web-worlds run in a browser and need nothing installed.
  • So they are as easy to access as any other web page.
  • And they are all running webGL and JavaScript.
  • So they probably are using similar formats to store assets.
  • They may allow guest entry and thus can handle unregistered users.

User experience with connection

  • (Using  hypergrid as a model.)
  • User can teleport to another web-world.
  • User can carry fully-owned* assets to another web-world and use them there.
  • To carry assets, user puts them in a "suitcase."
  • Note: Imported scripts may not be allowed to run.
  • (*Fully-owned: Web-worlds will need to work out the meaning of this term and have a flag to indicate the condition.}
  • User can make "friend" connections with users in the destination world and communicate with them by text message or voice.
  • User can communicate in text and voice with nearby users in the destination world.
  • User can give assets in the suitcase to users in the destination world.
  • With permission to build in a location, user can build as if registered in that world.
  • User can send fully-owned assets to friends in other worlds.
  • Beyond hypergrid: User can export contact list for use with Skype or other communication app
Definition of fully-owned
  • The asset was made by the user from asset that are full-owned.
  • Or the asset was imported by the user.
  • NFTs are not involved in ownership but user certifies ownership on upload.
  • (Worlds will have a policy for dealing with copyright claims.)

What are the pros and cons of connections?

User pro

  • Access to more places, events, and people.
  • Ability to collaborate with people in other grids.

User con

  • Risk of exposure to dishonest grid operations.

Operator Pro

  • Enhanced offering to users.
  • Increased traffic flow from potential customers

Operator con

  • Makes it easy for customers to try out other grids.
  • Expose customers to risks on other grids.

Metaverse Experiment Creates "Portals"

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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