Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2016 MULTIMEDIA: ART: The art of multimedia in the metaverse

The art of multimedia in the metaverse
Updated 9/7/2016
Virtual worlds are made by people, and for people.  With a little skill, you can make the world you want to show. You control the sounds, the sights, the colors, the movements, the whole environment.  If you can make music, you can also make the visuals.  Just as Disney could do in Fantasia, but without the cost.    Multimedia art in the metaverse is the art of putting these things together to create  a new art in the new medium of virtual worlds.
 Torben Asp, Second Life, July 2013 


Previous videos of Torben Asp at work

Sound in art

Art that produces sounds, possibly interactively

Musical art

Art that incorporates musical accompaniment, possibly animated in time with the music

Poetry in art  Art created to accompany a poetry reading

Multimedia art

Art that relies on sound, video effects, particle effects, animation, etc. in combination to produce an overall impression in the observer.

Interactive art

Art that responds to the actions of the observer
  • TBD

Mathematical art, Fractals, etc.

Art videos


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