Sunday, July 4, 2021

2021 Kitely avatars Island: A big collection of avatars! All general. All free. All can travel the HG.

Kitely avatars Island:    
A big collection of avatars! 
All general.  All free.  All can travel the HG.
Wide selection of free avatars.

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This world, hosted by Kitely and staffed by volunteers, contains over a dozen shops that display G-rated avatars from all over the virtual metaverse. This world is family, business and educator friendly. Everything here, as far as we know, is in the public domain or CC-0 or CC-By licensing.*
Click on boxes or store displays to receive a folder of their contents.

  •  Put the folder in your suitcase to take it over the Hypergrid.

Among the items you'll find here are avatar shapes, eyes, hair, skins, clothing, shoes and accessories, along with nonhuman avatars such as weefolk, robots, and animals. You can assemble different avatar parts to create your own unique appearance.
We invite you to look at the merchant artist listings at Kitely Market if you have the budget to upgrade and personalize your appearance. Some upgrades are very low cost; others are priced to meet a variety of requirements. So, if you're looking for "awesome", Kitely Market is the place to shop.

Artists whose work is represented at Kitely Starter Avatars (in alphabetical order):

  • Ada Radius
  • Aley aka Arcadia Asylum and other alts
  • Blender Foundation YoFrankie! project
  • CapCat Ragu & Melio Minotaur
  • Elmo Figaro
  • Eloh Eliot
  • Erasme Beck
  • Linda Kellie aka Shelby Moonlight aka Clutterfly
  • Marcus Llewellyn
  • Oni Kenkon
  • Seraphia Davis
  • Una Cornis
  • Wayfinder Wishbringer

Including novel items

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  1. This is an awesome island that takes "starter avatars" to an entirely new level. It offers reasonable-quality avatars while still leaving plenty of room for visitors to upgrade and personalize their avatars by visiting merchant stores at the different markets. But for those who want a good starter avatar for FREE, I've not seen a better layout than this island offered at Kitely. I would not be surprised if other grids follow suit. This is a brilliant idea that should have happened long ago, everywhere. Starter Avatars are a "first impression" thing. Kitely has made the most of it.