Saturday, July 17, 2021

2021 Is there life after retirement for educators? I mean for us online educators. Those of us who have learned to work from home. A google search report.

Is there life after retirement for educators?  
I mean for the online educators.  
Those of us who have learned to work from home.
A google search report.
After retirement, you can teach online.
An online class

Search term: how to be an adjunct professor online

To become an online adjunct teacher, one must earn at least a master's degree, have one year experience teaching and, in most cases, possess a teaching certificate. Those who wish to supplement their income teaching online courses without leaving home may find this career interesting

How much does an online adjunct professor make?

  • Search term:  Online Adjunct Faculty Salary

  • This is what I got:
  •                      Annual Salary        Monthly Pay
  • Top Earners      $106,500             $8,875
  • 75th Percentile    $85,500            $7,125
  • Average               $63,542             $5,295
  • 25th Percentile    $36,000            $3,000

Web links

Search terms (in Google)

  • Adjunct professor online education
  • Online college professor jobs
  • Online adjunct teaching jobs
  • Online learning sites

Advantages in retirement

  • Adjunct professors are part time and may teach only one course per semester. 
  • Online teaching is not local--it is everywhere.
  • And you stay at home. No travel.
  • So you don't care what jobs are available in your area.
  • And you may be able to work in your spare time or during the summer layoff. 
  • So you could try it out before you retire.
  • You only do the kind of work you like.


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