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2016 OSHG: "The future of Halcyon and browser-based worlds" Invited post by Shelenn Ayres

"The future of Halcyon and browser-based worlds" 
Invited post by Shelenn Ayres
A recent post of mine elicited informative comments from a volunteer supporting the MOSES team.  The comments include a projected roadmap for Halcyon development.  I am here repeating the comments as part of my effort to keep the community informed about prospective developments in the OpenSource-Hypergrid world.  


Disclaimer by Shelenn Ayres

One caveat I want to make sure you include is that I am posting as a member of the OS community who has volunteered to support the efforts of the MOSES team. I am not a part of their team nor do I speak for them. -- Shelenn Ayres
I do however know Doug [Doug Maxwell, leader of the Halcyon project]  and he is a good guy with nothing but good intentions to help the community advance the technology to benefit us all for the long term. -- Shelenn Ayres

Disclaimer by Selby Evans

The contents of an invited post here reflect the position of the author and not necessarily my position.  I do not alter the contents other than reformatting and minor changes for clarity. The original posts are given here:  Original Post in Opensim Virtual.
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It worked even on my older desktop (which does poorly with second life). I'm curious as to when we will be able to go into Opensim on a web browser -- Talia Sunsong
+Talia Sunsong Very soon. The MOSES team is working on its browser based solution with full security before release. I also know they are working towards HG between grids that use their code. It will be released open source and discussion is underway to write a specification than any fork or the original opensim code base can use to incorporate the technology approach to security and browser based solutions. Any grid that does not meet security specifications could therefore not connect via the new HG system design because it would create security issues.--- Shelenn Ayres

Halcyon road map as projected by Shelenn Ayres

Here is how I expect the timeline to play out from the MOSES civilian transition perspective (there could be a series of releases):
  • MOSES Halcyon initial test complete with client based viewers.
  • MOSES browser based 3D only viewer complete.
  • MOSES discussion ongoing about developing HG capability between test grids running Halcyon code.
  • MOSES viewer work to add menus and functions available in client viewers is in work or planned.

Comments by Shelenn Ayres

Discussion is ongoing about transition of MOSES Halcyon code to a civilian foundation to act as "keeper of the keys", conduct research, and develop a new specification all open simulator forks and core devs can use to achieve the same level of safety and security for HG (leading to future bridging).
Think of this as a parallel effort. OS core devs have been working 10 years and have not reached 1.0. The MOSES effort is a totally different approach that is a jump on the development curve yet still uses oars, iars, and content the same way from a user and builder perspective.
Any web based marketplace is compatible and code would be developed for in world delivery if needed. With the planned security approach, in world delivery may not even be a need. Time will tell on that.
Kitely is not the only grid with a marketplace. This technology leap would allow Ilan or others to have a Halcyon grid and potentially a marketplace for that as well as HG connectivity to other Halcyon grids. The specification will allow OS core devs to make a jump by bringing their code in line with the same standards from a security perspective.
This development is a plus for the existing community and can grow the community in ways that currently cannot happen - because of security issues company, university, and government entities will not accept at present.
In a way, given the growing competition you are well aware of since you post about them, the MOSES work and the professional civilian foundation's forthcoming work can help the OS community save itself from becoming obsolete if they will embrace the specification work we need to all do together.


Q: Do you expect the OAR and IAR capability in Halcyon will allow direct uploading of files from OpenSimulator to Halcyon? --Selby Evans

A:  Yes as of a recent meeting, there is every expectation we will be able to upload OARS, IARS, and content just like we do now with OS core base. The user interface may change the way we do it but the functionality will still be there. I think the confusion for some arose from the language "post-hypergrid specification". This seemed to invoke fear that it would kill the hypergrid. Just a misunderstanding there among some community members.         
 -- Shelenn Ayres


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