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2017 HG: HGProjects, the OSHG initiative, and IMA. A lot of progress. Summary

HGProjects and the OSHG initiative.  
A lot of progress.  Summary, 2020

Updated 3/7/2020
HGProjects has been a continuing theme on this blog for several years.  Now I have added a new initiative: OSHG initiative aimed at improving the software development support for OpenSim and Hypergrid.  This effort will require an organization to manage the software development and maintenance  There has also been significant progress on some of the HGProjects I had listed earlier.  Here is an updated summary.

IMA projects


Previous plans and progress

Hardware requirements: Reduce costs, lose the graphics card.

  • Most people will not want to install a graphics card on a computer.
  • Many people will not buy a computer with a graphics card.
  • We are mainly limiting our market to gamers.  
  • Virtual worlds do not fit the interests of most gamers.
  • Now it can be told:
  • You don't need a graphics card for virtual worlds--Integrated graphics works
  • Intel integrated graphics seems to be on lots of machines.  

Ease of installing software Firestorm's part is done

Entry and newcomer welcome Partly done

    Ease of finding places of interest Done

    Ease of finding events of interest Done

    Ease of evaluating grids Done (periodic updates needed)

    Ease of finding friends and communities of shared interest Partly done

    Promotion needed to tell new people what is available

    Long-term software development and maintenance plans 

    Browser-viewer (under development)


      Commerce development

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