Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 OSHG: IMA WG31 Test Management work group is organized

IMA WG31 test management work group is organized
IMA WG31Test Management work group is organized and has begun work.  One active project and two upcoming projects are described.  Current members are listed, along with an invitation to join.  The use of the IMA project management service is illustrated.
The defect appears in two prims on the right
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Three test categories

Current members

Click the name of a person to find out what else that person is doing.  To join this group and start working on a project, contact Selby Evans -- or just mention your interest in a comment on this article.  
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Metaverse events, current and upcoming



    I am not going to start using the IMA work packages thing at this time because it is more complicated than we need.  I will report on WG 31 projects and other activities in this blog.  


    QA support for OS Devs re:permissions in assets

    • Task: Manage QA testing for OS devs re:fixes for permissions instability.
    • Status: No formal request.  WG31 is offering support on this.
    • Pending: Test suite scripts and protocols
    • Ref: Test WG: suites needed: Quality Assurance
    • Contact: Selby Evans.  No lead assigned 

    Comparison suite: physics engines

    • Task: develop/archive a test suite for comparing physics engines
    • Status: Need forecast.  Because we have several physics engines available.
    • RefComparison suites for versions, modules, etc.
    • Contact: Selby Evans.  No lead assigned.

    News and Notes

    The Hypergrid WIP Show

    • The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress. 
    • Everyone is invited.  Building, scripting, entertainment-- whatever you are working on.
    • Selby may capture video of presentations in voice, for posting on YouTube.
    • The WIP show normally meets on 2 Sundays a month at 12 pm California time.
    • The show meets at the Pandora location on the second Sunday 
    • But may not meet in the summer.
    • And at Cookie II on the fourth Sunday.  
    • To keep up with the WIP meetings, join the Kitely group, Work in progress.

    Next WIP meeting

      • Sunday June 25, noon SLT (California) time
      • Cookie II location (fourth Sunday of the month)
      • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
      • II 
      • in Kitely: paste into Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter.
      • hop:// II/68/369/22
      • Suspended for Summer: Pandora Location: (second Sunday of the month)
      • Pandora allows presenters to run high threat OSSL functions.
      • Put the line above in your World Map next to Find.  Click FindTP
      • At Narasnook, use World Map to search for Pandora

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