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Can't we have a Firestorm APP? 
Apps work with the mass market.  

The process for installing a virtual world viewer is more complicated than it needs to be and too complicated for a mass market.  The process of installing an app on a cell phone is simpler and works for a mass market.  Yet both processes are the same: download the software and install it.  The complexity is left over from the days when only technical people use PC's.  Time to change.

I see that in Widows 10 I have apps on my PC.  I used to have programs on my PC and apps on my smart phone.  The main difference I noticed was in ease of installation.  With apps, I simply go to the place that offers the download and click on what I want.  The software downloads, installs and puts a button on the cellphone screen.   I can come back later and click on the the button to use the app.  I have the impression that large numbers of people install apps on their smart phones and tablets.
Installing a program on a PC calls for the same operations as installing an app.   But it is a lot more complicated because of traditions left over from the days when only tech people used PC's.  If we want to get OpenSim to the masses, we need to make installing the software easier. 
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        Installing Firestorm on a PC requires:

        1. go to the download place, 
        2. click on what I want, 
        3. have a discussion with my PC on where to put the temporary download, 
        4. wait till the download is complete
        5. find the file
        6. click on it
        7. negotiate with Setup about where to put the installed file 
        8. Discuss with Setup about language I want to use
        9. Discuss with Setup whether I want it to put a button on my screen.
        10. Click finish on the window that tells me the installation is finished.
        A ten step program.  Ten steps!  My God!  It only takes 12 steps to dry out an alcoholic. No wonder installing a program is such a barrier to entry!  

        Reinventing the download

        Okay, I just now noticed how unnecessarily complicated that is.  I have been doing it for years without noticing the absurdity of most of the steps. Let me explain:
        • 3. I don't care where the temp file goes.  I am just going to run it and delete it.  I would not even want to know the location if I did not have to click on it to run it
        • 5.,6.   I went to this download page to install software.  The page should not need my help to carry through, that is, to download and start the setup program.
        • 7.  I don't care where the installation goes.
        • 8.  I shouldn't need to decide on the language during installation.  That will not affect the installation, only a parameter in the control file that sets the default language.  That could be handled on download selection or on the first run of the program.
        • 9. The install does not need to know whether I want a button on my screen.  Just put it there.  I can remove it if I want to.
        • 10.  I don't need a finished window.  When it is finished, it can just put the button on my screen and shut up.
        The upshot: You could take the install-app algorithm as a model for a new setup program that provides the same automatic install that  we get on our cell phones.  Apps work with the mass market.   That's one of the things we need to get lots of people into Hypergrid.


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