Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 BIZ: P2P: Virtual Tour Guides for the virtual worlds

Virtual Tour Guides for the virtual worlds.
Virtual Tour guides work on the web to help people get full enjoyment of their tour of real tourist attractions.  Maybe they could add virtual world replicas of the most important parts of the tour as a feature differentiating their service.  In advance of the tour, they could show people around the places they would visit. In retrospect, their customers could revisit in the virtual world the places that most interested them.  
Belem Tower
  • Belem Tower, Lisbon, a major landmark.
  • In a virtual world you can walk around in a tower.
  • Or in a museum, art gallery, garden, canyon or mountain.
  • Who would pay for a guided tout through virtual worlds?  
  • Not just any worlds.  The center of Paris.  
  • Or Rome, Midtown Manhattan, the 2016 Olympic village.  
  • And not by just any guide, but by someone who lives in the real place.
  • Someone who can give a personal perspective of the place

Who indeed?

  • Someone who is going there.
  • Someone who is thinking about going there.
  • Someone who has been there.
  • A French language class (for Paris).
  • An Italian language class (for Rome).
  • Classes in English and other languages (for Manhattan)
  • Agencies selling tourist trips to those places
  • Chambers of commerce in those places.
  • People with mobility limitations.
  • (More after the break)
  • Where is Arcadia?
Roll-a-Poem Short Poetry Workshop-Tue 4/26, 7pm SLT 

This week the Short Poetry Workshop will be doing a fun group poem called Roll-a-Poem. Each poet rolls the “die” to get the number of words they will use for their line in the poem.


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