Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 STAGE: VIDEO: The Valkyrie, Act I. Excerpts from a performance in Second Life

The Valkyrie, Act I.  
Excerpts from a performance in Second Life
These excerpts tell the main story.  The full performance is about an hour long.  

Watch on YouTube
A performance by the Theater on the Hill (TOTH).  
TOTH is a performance group  in Second Life
Main theater
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The Valkyrie Act 1 Excerpts
Siegmund - Silvano Korobase
Sieglinde - Oliver Elton
Hunding - Richardson Nootan
Chetz Szondi Foundation
Director and Producer 
Immerdar Fredriksson
Set Design: Immerdar Fredriksson
Effects: Blaise Timtam 
Video capture, editing, and production
Selby Evans (AKA Thinkerer Melville)
Performance by the London Symphony Orchestra 
recorded in 1962
Siegmund -- Jon Vickers
Sieglinde -- Gre Brouwenstijn 
Hunding -- David Ward 
Conductor -- Erich Leinsdorf 
Thanks to all the team at Theatre On The Hill 
And to The Friends of Theatre On The Hill

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