Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 PROMO: Social media for professionals in virtual worlds: Linkedin

Social media for professionals in virtual worlds:  
Social Networking
Linkedin is for professionals to network. If you are doing professional things in virtual worlds, you may want to use it to promote your work.  

Professional things done by people in Virtual Worlds
  • Building, scripting, etc. 
  • Fashion:  clothes, avatars
  • Art and photography
  • Education
  • Video creation
  • Writing, blogging
  • Musical performances, music videos, music tracks
  • Marketing 
  • Business and management
You can:
  • see what other professionals are doing.
  • claim your skills .
  • get other professionals to endorse your claim.
  • contact other professionals doing work related to yours.
  • see jobs that you might want to apply for.
  • promote your blog or other professional activities.
  • find professional groups that fit your interests.
  • I have found at least 200 people from virtual worlds there.
Here is the web link: Linkedin
  • Use your legal name.  This is for real business.
  • Show your connections to virtual worlds
  • Show the name(s) you use in virtual worlds. 
  • In virtual worlds, show your legal name in your display name
  • Join professional groups with interests in virtual worlds.
  • Look in those groups for other people you know. 
  • Post about your professional activities only. 
  • Post as often as you have significant news.
  • Give out your legal name to your friends so they can find you.
  • Get legal names from your friends so you can find them.
  • If you think you know someone, see if you know people in their contacts list.
  • Endorse people only for skills you know they have.  
  • Look for ways to show your skills in the outworld, not just the inworld.
  • I am Selby Evans in Linkedin.   Connect with me if you want.
  • I will probably need your SL name to endorse you for anything.
  • You can look through my contact list to find the SL people I know.   
  • And look through my contact list on Google+ for more SL people
Other social  media of interest
Google+ is my top choice for a social media site to promote your projects.

  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
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