Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 ART: BURN2: Juried Art and Theme Camp plot winners

BURN2:  Juried Art and Theme Camp plot winners
From Burn2, 2012
BURN2 announces  announce the 2013 Juried Art and Theme Camp plot winners! 
Artist Build Name Awarded plot size
  • Giovanna Cerise "The magic of objects" 2048sm
  • Alesha Hax "CultUre Queen" 2048sm
  • MORLITA Quan "Sokofa" 2048sm
  • Loki Eliot "The Sand Fairy" 2048sm
  • Caro Fayray "Anomaly" 1024sm
  • Ginger Lorakeet "Inside Art" 1024sm
  • Juliana Burns "Camp Marshmallow" 1024sm
  • catboy Qunhua "Catboy's Camp of Cuisine, Culture, and Comedy" 1024sm
  • Sarrah Docherty "Cargo Train" 1024sm
  • Marianne McCann "Inner Child Camp" 1024sm
BURN2 is an official Burning Man Regional, following the 10 Principles and spreading Burning Culture through volunteerism and the celebration of Community, Art, and Fire on the virtual playa. 
- The theme this year is "CARGO CULT." Learn more about the theme here:
- Some important dates for the Juried Camp Artists
Building starts: 9/20/13
Building/placement ends: 10/12/13
BURN2 Cargo Cult opens: 10/19/13
BURN2 Cargo Cult ends: 10/27/13

All builders and artists agree to comply with the Ten Principles of Burning Man and BURN2
and the BURN2 Builder Guidelines
- All builders and artists agree to comply with Linden Lab’'s Terms of Service and Community Standards.
Labels and hashtags:  BURN2,  #burn2
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