Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 HELP: Land in SL costs much less if you time-share. The rez-to-use model.

Land in SL costs much less if you time-share.
The rez-to-use model.
An empty lawn

Grows a house when you approach
The hous only uses prims when someone uses it.
Many places in SL are empty most of the time.  The Balanvi rez-to-use model uses that fact to get much more use out of the land.   
The house and contents deletes itself when no one is around.  When someone enters its territory, it rezzes again.   It only uses prims and runs scripts when someone is using it. Otherwise, those resources are available for other people and other builds. 
There are builders who can build in a rezzer or holodeck.  Asterion Coen is one.  See this report on his display at SL10B 
Rez to Demo
Edunation leases land and provides buildings as part of the package. 
Here is a report on the holodeck that provides walk-though demos of the buildings
Change this building to a Tiki House.

Then go inside and relax.
All of these buildings are available for use on plots in Edunation
Rez Boats, floats and Jet skis 
Another example:



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  1. Another factor about land costs is size. In fact, the taller you are, the more money you waste. Why is that so?
    taller avatars need taller houses, taller houses have a higher land impact, often. And need also then more decoration, so the walls won't look naked.
    If you build in scale and are yourself in scale, you save cash. It is really that simple. And the amount of L$ saved, is not even little.
    A brief overvierew, with pictures, so you can compare yourself, is in my blog: