Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 EDU: EduNation: Virtual Worlds for language education

Edunation: Virtual Worlds for language education
  • Virtual World Telecollaboration 
  • Educational Simulations 
  • Virtual Classrooms 
  • Class Exchanges 
  • Annual rental costs: 
  • Basic1280 square meter plot  250 prims  US$180 
  • Premium: 1280 square meter plot  500 prims US$300 
  • Details
Public areas
More Residents
Thanks to Heike Philp for most of the information below.   
Resources for educators
Educational resources Center
Tech Help.   for residents and for visiting lecturers who want  to introduce their students to SL. Edunation staff provides help with:
  • equipment 
  • meeting preparations
  • presentations
  • handling large groups
    Situated learning 
    Custom built housing available for fast and easy set-up of offices or training centers (20 plots)
    On EduNation the holodecks hold scenes for language learners and teachers bring groups of students to EduNation to practice language in these settings. These scenarios include 
    • a library
    • a bus stop
    • a restaurant
    • a shop for clothes
    • forest seating
    • a castle 
    • many other settings
    Some 100 of these holodeck scenes have been produced by Dr. Randall Sadler, co-owner of EduNation islands. For more detail about the holodecks, see this page: Services for language educators
    Land in SL costs much less if you time-share. The rez-to-use model.
    Virtlantis has a free language learning island and we appreciate their efforts to provide a platform where language teachers can practice to teach in virtual worlds. They are a resident and they offer some of their courses on EduNation.
    Rezzers provide the equipment
    Boats, floats, and Jet skis
    Can you talk about these in another language?


    Over a period of 2 years under the leadership of Dr. Michael Thomas of the University of Central Lancashire a total of 9 project partners, of which are 4 universities, will create machinima and a teacher training course for language teachers on how to create machinima and how to use machinima in class. 
    Today we have been thinking of adding a new island to the north of EduNation just for video work


    • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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