Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 PROMO: Invited articles and press releases for this blog

Invited articles and press releases for this blog
I am glad to get content  for this blog on the following topics:
  • Kit; Things people need to know to get the best out of Second Life
  • Tech: Sub-themes: OpenSim, Viewers, Second Life developments
  • Media: Sub-themes: Media-to-the web, Art, Music, Comedy, Theater, Video, Hobbies, Games
  • Education: Sub-themes: Conferences, Creative learning environments, Learning Games
  • Team Sub-themes: Collaborations, Head team, Collaboration resources
  • Events: Sub-themes: Entertainment, Virtual meetings.  
  • Money: Sub-themes: Enterprises, products, services
Invited articles and press releases

I am looking for articles and press releases that fit the themes above.  If you have a report or release that you want me to consider, the best way to contact me is to send Thinkerer Melville a notecard inworld or a message via MySL.   Be sure to include relevant slurls and web links.   A picture or poster graphic would be good too.  Best embed a texture in the same notecard as the press release so I will be sure to find it.  That also ensures that the texture gets to me as full perm--I can;t use it otherwise.  (Don't assume that something you have full perm will be full perm when you send it to someone else.)
If I use your article, it will carry your byline and a link to your bio.  B
e sure to give me the name and bio link you want me to use.  Your Google bio link is preferable, for arcane reasons related to SEO.  You can, however, use your SL bio (, or some other bio, if you give me a live link to it.  

I may edit it some and change the layout.  See this post for more detail: 
You can also make a comment on this blog (you may need a Google ID or Open ID).  In that case, your post should carry the news you want to release.  I may not pick up the information. at least not immediately.  In some cases, I may not post about it but will list it in the Events Page (see above in the header menu). But if I see something that calls for follow-up, I will get back to it when I have a place on my publishing schedule.  
Please note that I am primarily interested in actionable content--content that some readers could use in things they are doing or planning.  
For more detail, see:


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