Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 2ndHELP: Play Music and Video/TV on your land

Play Music and Video/TV on your land

  • Find the link
  • Have the authority
  • Set the music 
  • Help the users
Media, video
  • Play Video--Browser on Prim
  • Play Video--Stream on Land
Play Music
Find the link
Have the authority to set the stream
Landowner always has the authority.  To give the authority to others:
Set the music stream
Help the users
Play Video--Browser on Prim (BOP)

Find the link
  • Any web page will do
  • People who use only Internet Explorer may have problems
  • Simple fix: Install Chrome or Firefox
  • Run the problem video once in Chrome or Firefox
  • You don't need to do this again unless the problem recurs
  • Browsers need the right player to show video
  • Some players (e.g, Flash) have special versions for IE
  • Chrome and Firefox use general versions
  • The SL browser for BOP needs the general versions
  • The fix above causes the general versions to be installed
Have the authority to set the stream
  • Not needed.  
  • Anyone who can rez on the land can place a BOP prim
Set the stream
Adjust the screen size
YouTube screen
LiveStream screen
  • To make a screen poster (poster that shows mainly the screen) 
  • Make a large prim and put the web page on it
  • Edit the prim to the shape of the screen
  • (Ctrl-Shift puts colored boxes on the edges. Drag them to drag the edges.)
  • Adjust Texture Offset for the placement you want
  • Adjust Repeats per Face to a fraction that makes the screen fit the prim
  • Use small changes in the last 2 digits for fine adjustments
  • Best have the video near the top of the page
Play Video--Stream on Land
This method is complicated and subject to change, so I will leave the description to the Lindens:


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