Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Media: Free Valentine gift. For 5 days. Diary of a Provincial Lesbian

Free Valentine gift.  
Diary of a Provincial Lesbian
Available for 5 days.
Click image to enlarge
  • Novel by popular UK author VG Lee
  • From Thursday February 14th until Monday February 18th
  • Free on Kindle
VG Lee is known for being able to make the reader laugh and cry as she brings her characters to life and makes us all look at our relationships and friendships in the light of her heroines' trials and tribulations
It's important to go to the Amazon website for your country to get this gift, and it's available on all Amazon sites around the world, including:
Diary of a Provincial Lesbian is published by Ward Wood Publishing, one of the only publishing companies still actively supporting Second Life. You can visit them on Cookie Island here
You don't need to have a Kindle to read it. You can also read it with the free Kindle reading app from Amazon. If you have a Nook you can download Calibre for free and convert from Kindle (mobi) to Nook.
This author was recently shortlisted for the Stonewall Award for Writer of the Year and has been endorsed by Sarah Waters and Stella Duffy. She's a stand-up comedian and comedy feature writer for The Lady as well as a popular author of novels featuring lesbian main characters.

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