Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 PROMO: You got something you want to promote? Quick checklist

You got something you want to promote? 
Quick check.
  1. Audience:  Who are you promoting to? 
  2. What is your audience interested in?
  3. What words will catch their attention?
  4. What action do you want from the reader?
  5. How does the reader know what to do?
  6. Have you shown the time frame?
  7. Can you show urgency?
  8. What do you want the reader to notice first? 
Audience:  Who are you promoting to?  
  • The lazy answer is "Anybody who will listen."
  • Who wants what you are promoting?
  • Think demographics.
  • Think related interests.
What do you want the reader to notice first?
  • Is that in the headline?  
  • Or in the first bullet point?
  • Or in the first words of the first paragraph?
What is your audience interested in?
  • Did you open by talking about that? 
  • Forget about yourself.  Think about what interests them.
What words will catch their attention?
What action do you want from the reader?
  • Is that early and clear
  • How does the reader know what to do?
  • Did you make it easy for the reader to do it?
  • Did you give and check web links?
Have you shown the time frame?
When do people have to take action?
  • Put on calendar NOW!
  • Buy  ticket
  • Make reservation
  • Arrive at venue
Can you show urgency?
  • And is that right in front of the reader?
  • Did you show the reader what to do, when and how?
Promotion: from virtual worlds. Summary 2012
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 2012
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