Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 VIDEO: Video, animated video, machinima? What term to use?

Video, animated video, machinima?
What term to use? It does not matter when we talk among ourselves. It does matter when we talk to public. To communicate, we need to use language the public understands.
Videos are what people have been renting or buying for years. Now they are finding videos on YouTube, and other places.  See what YouTube talks about:

"Videos from your channel subscriptions and personalized video recommendations appear below. YouTube sorts these videos based on what we think you'll want to watch next."
Machinima is a particular method for making animated videos.  A machinima is a type of animated video.  An animated video is a kind of video.   So all three terms are correct.   But video is what most people understand.  
  • Test for yourself.  
  • Tell your non-techie friends you make machinimas.  
  •  Note the response.  
  • Then tell them you make videos.    
It is a lot like beef.  A steer is a way of making beef.  But nobody tries to sell cut-up steer parts.  They sell beef.   And sausage--they don't even tell you what goes into that.   
A machinima is a way of making videos.   But for promotion and marketing you probably want to be dealing with videos or animated videos.    And for describing your skills, services ad products (in Linkedin, for example), I'll bet you want to include video editing, video production, and the like.  

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1 comment:

  1. Branding a term of art is key to success.

    This is my constant rant against people who call SL screenshots "photography". By using the word of another medium - they de-brand themselves and create confusion. The accepted industry terms are digital art or 3D art. 3D digital art to be over-verbose.

    The accepted industry term for movies and animation made from "video captures of video games" is machinima.

    It doesn't matter that many of us consider this "not a game" (while slamming french berets down on their heads and looking sophisticated).

    The world at large sees: 3D, computer screen, pixels, cartoon, characters I create and log into...

    - And movies made from that are Machinima.

    To try and label oneself as something else, is to devalue by debranding and creating concept-confusion in the viewing public.