Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 HELP: Mesh detail, hexagons, circles, and LOD settings

Mesh detail, hexagons, circles, and LOD settings

Ever seen circles like this?
I have seen an increase in queries about this problem recently, so I am posting on it.
Mesh Detail
Want them like this?
Here's how to fix them.
on Viewer 3.6 
Preferences, Graphics tab
  • Me (Top left)
  • Preferences
  • Graphics
  • Mesh detail, set high
It says mesh, but don't believe it.  The low mesh detail setting will also turn regular circular prims into hexagons. It probably also affects sculpties.  
If you are using another viewer, or if this does not fix sculptie borks, the instructions in the link below may work for you.
Debugged your Level-Of-Detail?

For more information on LOD see this link:
Understanding: LOD
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