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2016 TKR: TEAM: The people in your head. Be everyone you can be.

The people in your head
Be everyone you can be 
Updated  5/30/2016
  • “I’m not myself today.”
  • “Something got into me.”
  • “I was beside myself.”
  • “Part of me wants to do this and part of me does not.”
  • “I’ve really got conflicts over this.”
  • “Sometimes I don’t like myself.”
These are complaints about the people in the head.  You might get the impression that these people are a problem. But that is a matter of viewpoint.   Instead of complaining about these people, you could get acquainted with them. They may know something you don’t.
These head players really are similar across different people.  They are part of how: 
  • you can forecast what other people will do. 
  • actors call up the ability to play different roles. 
  • writers develop characters. 
  • you select the way you are going to act. 
Here I  introduce some of the players who have important roles in creativity. Or rather, I  let them introduce themselves. After all, what’s the fun in being a player if you can’t speak for yourself?
You will recognize them. 
  • You've met them in other people
  • You've met them in your head
  • You've seen them in fiction
  • You've seen them in the news.  
Luke: What's in there? Yoda: Only what you take with you.
The Head Office, main players

The Hunters

  • We focus with tunnel vision on the target, on the goal.
  • We’ll work on minor targets, like winning a game.
  • We’ll work on big targets, like winning at work.
  • Just give us a target we can hunt and get out of the way
The Vulcans 
  • We are logical.
  • We choose. We take responsibility for choices.
  • We consider long-term objectives.
  • We forecast. We show the probable results of choices.
The Uns
  • We do things bass ackwards.
  • We turn things downside up.
  • We are the world on the other side of the mirror.
  • We manage the power of no.
The Explorers
  • We like to find out things.
  • We ask lots of questions and collect answers.
  • We ask how you know what you think you know.
  • What information do you need to decide?
The Networkers
  • What the explorers find out, we connect.
  • We connect questions and answers.
  • We connect problems and solutions.
  • We find similarities where none has been before.
The Empaths
  • We feel the success of others. Or their anger.
  • We look for outcomes that let everybody win.
  • We give other people a stake in the outcome we want.
  • It makes cooperation easier.
The Storyboarders
  • We make up stories and run pictures in the head.
  • We show stories about how things might work out.
  • We show stories about how people will feel.
  • We are essential for lying. We are valuable for planning.
The Engineers
  • We figure out how to do things. We start with what is here now.
  • We think in terms of who is going to do what, where, and when.
  • We understand things a person can touch, handle, do something with.
  • We like roadmaps that go from here and now to there and then.
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