Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 HELP: Lag, what you can do about it

 Lag, what you can do about it 
for Viewer 3.x
Anything familiar here?
  • Grey people
  • Moving is slow
  • Crash on sim crossing
  • Avatar is a cloud or strange-looking
  • Crash on Teleport
  • FPS low, too low for videos
That's lag
These solutions  apply to standard viewer 3.4 and following.  Details may differ for other viewers.
Easy fixes 
  • Preferences-Graphics window above 
  • Me (top left)-Preferences-Graphics tab
  • Lower your graphics settings (Quality -- Speed)
  • OR
  • Lower the draw distance
  • Lower max # of non-imposter avatars
  • Uncheck lighting and shadows
  • Turn off anistropic and disable antialiasing 
  • ( click Advanced and Hardware to set detailed controls)
  • Preferences: Graphics Tab. Quality Versus Lag
Less easy fixes
Harder fixes
  • Your viewer (client): be sure it is up-to-date
  • Your graphics drivers: be sure they are up to date
  • Close other programs you have running.
Specific problems
Grey people: change your active group 
(you can change back if it works)
Avatar is a cloud or strange-looking 
Connection problems
Crash on sim crossing,  slow rez after teleport  
  • Reduce draw distance
  • Minimize number of non-impostor avatars
  • Reduce avatar draw weight (see section below)
How to manage avatar draw weight
Check draw weight
  • Advanced menu 
  • performance tools
  • Show draw weight for avatars (click to change)
You may need these instructions to get the advanced menu
  • Me
  • Preferences
  • Advanced Tab
Weight will show above the head.  Colors evaluate level.
  • Green= good
  • Yellow=caution
  • Red= Potential trouble
How to reduce draw weight  
Health check
Check your bandwidth 
  • Google on bandwidth, pick a site near you
  • Make a few tests at times that matter to you
  • Complain to your service provider if you are not getting what you pay for
  • Check your bandwidth setting in Preferences 
  • Don't use a setting over 1900 mbs.  It may trigger bugs
  • Be sure you have at least twice this bandwidth from your IPS
  • Don't trust claims by your ISP.  
  • Google on Bandwidth and use a nearby site to check
Statistics panel
Connection problems: Packet loss (above 0)
Wi-Fi, low bandwidth (don't trust your ISP claims)
Check your bandwidth, call your ISP
Sim problems: Low sim FPS (below about 10)
Get sim restart, try another sim for the present

How to improve viewer performance (Linden page)

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