Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 HELP: Could not teleport closer to destination. The forced landing point

Kit: Could not teleport closer to destination
The forced landing point
Generally you can teleport to any place you can see.  You just double-click on the place.  
Basic Moves: Move, Teleport, Travel, Fly. Sit  
But sometimes you get a message:
Could not teleport closer to destination"
About Land, 
Options window
In this case, someone in control of the land has set the a fixed landing point.  The screenshot above shows how the setting is chosen.   
Landing point: place in a parcel  where teleports land you.
The person may have had good reason to force people to land at that point.  Or the person may have set it without realizing that it would prevent the double-click TP and thus slow down movement around the parcel.   Maybe you will want to point out this effect to the parcel owner and show the person how to change the setting. 
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1 comment:

  1. Often people will set it to forced when they really just wanted a default.

    You can kind of tell by looking around. If you land at one side of a mall or story - chances are they want you to slog through it all (for your benefit or for theirs - still, intent is obvious).

    If its just 'at the front door of a shop' that is otherwise wide open and exploratory... its probably an accident.

    Its good to set a landing point - people from search will land there and it lets you set the stage for a first time visitor.

    But if you don't need it (not pushing a theme like a tutorial, exhibit, or mall) - keep that pull down for routing to Anywhere.