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2013 VIDEO: Let's grow a comedy series in Second Life

Let's grow a video comedy series 
in Second Life
Amazon wants your video series
What types of comedy series are Amazon Studios looking for?
We are looking for 22-minute narrative live action or animated primetime series you can't find anywhere else. Generally speaking, we like character-driven ideas in well-defined worlds. We want shows that are smart, original, loud in concept and most of all, funny; think Archer or Curb Your Enthusiasm. For live-action, we prefer shows with some level of serialization. We are not looking for sketch, reality or talk shows. All scripts should be within the normal television standards for content and language.
Details:  How Do I Submit a New Series Idea?
To produce a series like that in Second Life, we need
  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Videographers
  • Producers
Resources (a few examples)
Videographers and producers
What don't we have?
  • A writing team organized for writing comedy scripts.
What do we* do next? 
  • Invite people in existing writing groups to organize a comedy writing team
  • Affiliated with Avatar Repertory Theater (A.R.T.
  • A.R.T. will use scripts for production in ART Plays Around   
  • Some productions will probably be captured live on video
  • A.R.T. may market some scripts, along with a video pilot, to potential buyers 
  • *See the Who's we? section below
Amazon plan

Who's we?   

  • Starts with Thinkerer Melville, Ada Radius, Kayden Oconnell 
  • Others will be added as they join 
  • To join, contact Thinkerer Melville 
  • And join Communication Arts SL group 
How do we communicate?
  • This blog for public news
  • Communication Arts for notices and chat
  • Maybe Avatar Repertory Theater forums (private) for collaborative work
  • Sub-group meetings as needed  TBD
  • More lasting arrangement TBD
Remote collaboration: How to make it work
Starting agenda
  • Identify people for needed group roles:  Tools for group meetings: Vocabulary
  • List the tasks needed to produce a comedy series (SWG)
  • List the options for allocating the rights to the work (SWG)
Affiliation with A.R.T.
  • Some people in  A.R.T. are also writers and will work in the writing project
  • Actors and writers can work together to understand the needs of the project
  • Writers can see their scripts performed by experienced actors
  • Writers may use A.R.T. forums for private communications (scripts and comments)
  • Writers would probably have their own meetings much of the time
  • Details will be worked out with experience
  • Communications Arts will serve as the initial organizing group.
Possible Markets
And by the way
  • If we know how to do this once,
  • We will know how to do it again
  • And again...
  • ...


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