Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2013 VIDEO: AviewTV Opens Newly Renovated Machinima Gallery

AviewTV Opens Newly Renovated Machinima Gallery: 
Eight Films Featured 
Aviewtv AviewTV is a one-stop machinima resource featuring inworld film premieres, live concert streaming and an inworld machinima art gallery
Invited article by Ginette Pinazzo
AviewTV, the one-stop machinima resource of Second Life, is opening its brand new renovated gallery this week, featuring 
  • eight unique films from some of SL's most dynamic creators, 
  • a new focus on machinima career options
  • more hands-on project development, 
  • film festival networking 
  • fields of arts preservation and 
  • mainstream media accessibility.
According to AviewTV CEO LaPiscean Liberty, 
'Machinima in virtual worlds, has had an impact on the cost of production and processing. Its relationship to virtual worlds is one of archiving delicate or lost art, due to an ever changing canvas. This has also led to one of SL's greatest marketing tools as a platform and for the community to engage within mainstream media. The goal is to promote the Artist and the Art'
  • a diverse catalog of virtual world movies, 
  • array of talented directors in every genre
  • a well-organised website 
  • immersive, inworld facility. 
  • -
  • The newly renovated gallery sorts the films into categories 
  • designed for expansion into new, or 
  • under recognized realms of machinima content, 
  • Video Poetry, Fashion Films and Commercial Spots.
The Eight featured films included in the renovated debut are:
  • Time by: Chic Aeon,  immersive art installations in Second Life
  • In Dreams also by Chic Aeon, an enchanting video poem
  • The Unveiling, an atmospheric action film by Abrosia Lanley
  • The Particle Show, a mesmerizing piece about dancer Spectgr3 Belfire by Mary Wickentower
  • The Jazzologist Strikes Back, a hilarious parody by Miles Eleventhauer
  • Dejavu, a concert film by director FuzOnAcid featuring Bowie Bravin & Diawa Bellic
  • Frankenstein Story, a journey into the macabre from director Tommaso Jacobus
'Part of the mission is to facilitate increased awareness of machinima as a career option, and as a medium to explore new opportunities in areas perhaps not previously considered in traditional film. With the virtual world arrives new ways to perceive and to experience. Machinima creators can be pioneers in this',---- Ginette Pinazzo, Marketing and Public Relations Director for AviewTV.


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