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2013 2ndHELP: MySL summary

MySL summary 
MySL is a web-based social network system integrated with Second Life. To reach it, point your browser to:


  • Use SL names, yours and others
  • Don't need to open a viewer
  • Works on anything that runs a browser
  • Tell friends what you are doing
  • Tell friends about things important to you
  • Tell friends about places and events you like
  • Send private messages to friends from your browser
  • See what your friends are talking about
  • Performers: tell people about upcoming events 
  • Venue owners: tell people about current and upcoming events
  • Publicists: Spread the word
  • Post.  An entry placed in your stream and attached to your profile. May include text, web link, or a picture from Second Life.
  • Home-Feed.  Time ordered (push-down) stream of posts by people you are following.
  • Following: People whose posts you can see on your feed.  Includes your friends (unless you remove following status) and people you have chosen to follow.  
  • Love:  On a post, sends the post to the feed of everyone following you. 
  • Home, Stream, Feed:  Like Facebook home page, a stream of posts from all your friends and people you follow
  • Trending.  A stream of posts that have received the most Loves recently.  Shows current hot topics.
MySL home page
Click image to enlarge
What you can do with it
Home, Stream, Feed:  
Like Facebook home page, a stream of posts from people you follow.  It can carry live web links (including slurls).  You can make entries from inworld or from your browser.  Inworld entries can carry the equivalent of a landmark.   You can make pictures inworld and post them on the stream with text and landmark.
Mark Love
Sends the post to all the people following you.  Boosts the post toward appearance in Trending.
Post on someone's profile
Depending on the person's privacy settings, you can post on a person's profile.  This post is not private.
This is  the same search you would do inworld.  You can use the results much as you would inworld, but some of your requests will cause automatic login to the SL grid. 
Private messages
You can send a private message to a person if you have their profile.  You can find the profile in search or by clicking on the name where you see it in a distinctive color.
Offer friendship
You can send a friend offer to a person if you have the profile.  You can find the profile in search or by clicking on the name  where you see it in a distinctive color.
Control who follows you
Followers: People who have chosen to follow your posts.  People can choose this option if your privacy settings are this way:   Settings--Privacy--feed--Everyone or Second Life   (This is not the default.)
You can stop a specific person from following you.  People tab, Followers (top), remove button.
Possible uses for MySL feed
Promote events and places
Post pictures with landmarks during events (no upload fee).  Get other people at the event to Love your post and to post their own pictures.  
Find events of interest:
  • Check the trending list.
  • Follow or friend people who post about events that interest you.
Privacy Settings
Check these and see that they are set to suit you.

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