Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2013 PROMO: Inworld methods in Second Life, Summary 2012

Promotion: Publicity: Inworld methods in Second Life
Summary 2012
Key features of promotional methods
  • Immediacy: Reaches people when they need to act.  
  • Persistence:  Remains readily accessible as long as needed
  • Completeness: Has all the information people need to choose and arrive
Key features of promotional methods
Immediacy: Reaches people when they need to act
  • High immediacy: group chat, personal conferences
  • Best used as a reminder, not the first notice
  • Completeness may not be needed if there was a first notice
Persistence: Remains readily accessible as long as needed
  • High persistence: Notecards (Key term in the title)
  • Best used in advance, as first notice
  • Completeness esssential
Completeness: Has all the information people need to chose and arrive
Promotional tools, inworld
Group chat: 
Existing Announcement groups
  • Entertainment: Secondnightlife, Over 10,000 members
  • Theater: Theatre Arts Network (Note spelling for search)
  • To get announcements, find the group in search, click the join button
  • V3.2 Search button (magnifying glass)
Group notice (alone)
  • High immediacy, low persistence, variable completeness
  • Groups 201, advanced
  • May only reach 500 people, despite group size
  • Hard to save or retrieve
  • Requires location link
Group notice with landmark
  • High immediacy, variable persistence, variable completeness
  • LM needs keyword in title for search (persistence)
Group notice with notecard
Personal conferences
  • Same as group notices (above)
  • Sent to people on your friends list
  • Open your friends list (right click avatar, click friends option)
  • Select people: hold down Ctrl, click names to select
  • Select contiguous batch: Click top name, hold down Shift, click bottom name
  • After selection: right click a selected item, click IM
Second Life event calendar  


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