Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2013 1stHELP: Problem: Can't rez objects in Linden Home

Kit: Problem: Can't rez objects in Linden Home

Apparently there is a bug in the Linden Home system that makes the system think you are trying to rez on property that does not belong to you.   
A suggested work-around is to try to rez in the exact center of the property.  It may take several tries, but if you find a place that will allow you to rez, you can use it repeatedly and move the objects to where you want them.
  • Be sure you are wearing the right group tag
  • Wait a bit before you try to rez

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  1. Another solution is to rezz the object as close to your foot as possible. The issue seems to be linked to distance.

  2. The comment by Mylene suggests another variation that may be useful:
    Wear the object (right click on it, select wear).
    Then drop the object(another right click option).