Thursday, June 7, 2012

2013 ART: VIDEO: MachinimUWA V: Poetry, Art, and T. S. Elliot in Surreal Video

MachinimUWA V: 
Poetry  Art, and T. S. Elliot in Surreal Video
MachinimUWA V: Lala Larix & 'The 3rd'
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Who is the third who walks always beside you?When I count, there are only you and I togetherBut when I look ahead up the white roadThere is always another one walking beside youGliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hoodedI do not know whether a man or a woman- But who is that on the other side of you?T.S. Eliot "The Waste Land"
Published on May 22, 2012 by LalaLarix
For MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom
This machinima is now part of the L$725,000, MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom. MachinimUWA V's theme is a tribute to the Centenary of the University of Western Australia and UWA's New Courses 2012.

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